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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mom and the Tornado

I hadn't heard from Mom or my sister, Susan, since the tornados that hit the south last weekend. I'd tried to call, but no one answered, and I was really starting to get worried. A couple of days ago, I finally reached Mom. This is how the conversation went:

Me: Hi, I was getting worried about you. I heard on the news that there had been a lot of tornados and bad storms down your way (northern Arkansas).

Mom: Oh yes, your sister and I were right in the middle of one.

Me: (Stunned silence...)

Mom: We had been to Wal-Mart to return something, and had stopped at Ash Flats to get gas at the Mini Mart. Susan went in to pay, and they pushed her into the woman's bathroom because there was a tornado coming. She tried to get out and they threw her back in...she said she had to go out and get her Mamma...a big guy said he'd come get me. (Stopping to catch breath)

Me: (Still speachless)

Mom: All of a sudden this big guy yanks the car door open and pulls me out and drags me to the Mini Mart. I didn't know if he was kidnapping me or what....

Me: (Visions of my 4'11" mother dragging her heels in as the "big guy" tries to get her inside to safety) Didn't you know there was a tornado?

Mom: Well stuff was blowing around and it was real dark, but I didn't know there was a tornado. That guy drug me inside and threw me in the woman's bathroom with all the rest - men, too, and we waited there for a while until the men got brave and went out to see if it was safe. Next time some guy opens my car door and pulls me out, I'm just going to go with him.

Me: Ok then...that's why I'm living near Seattle.

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  1. Good to know chivalry is still alive and well in Arkansas. Glad they are OK. Margaret


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